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Yuzu Fruit YUZU is a citrus fruit common in Japanese kitchens. The surface of the fruit is uneven, and the peel's fragrance is sweet and slightly bitter. The flavor of the juice is similar to grapefruit but has definite overtones of Mandarin orange. YUZU juice is very fresh and tangy-tasting, and is an important ingredient in ponzu. Traditionally, shreded YUZU peel is used to garnish clear soups and simmered dishes. Today's fusion cuisine has resulted in dishes such as Tuna Sashimi with Wasabi-YUZU, Tuna Tartare with YUZU on Fried Potato Gaufrettes, YUZU Monogatari (Gin, Ginger Ale and YUZU juice), and YUZU-Maui Onion Salad. YUZU's exterior color changes from green to yellow as the season progresses. Exterior color is not important, and either color fruit is used interchangably.

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