Becoming a Fresh Exotic Fruits Dealer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a retailer of the fast-growing Fresh Exotic Fruits line of products!

We are currently focused on three channels of distribution:

• small business

•groceries stores

• food service

• convenience stores

• country stores

•gourmet food stores

• specialty stores

• re-baggers

• gift and coffee shop

•club stores, and more

It is essential that stores carrying the Exotic Fruits have thorough knowledge of exotic fruits due to the unique nature of the product taste.

In order for a retailer to qualify, the store must fall into one of the three channels listed above, and have a traditional “brick and mortar” store with a focus on product education, service, and premium locatiation.

If your store is in an area where we currently have a field sales representative in place, it will be immediately forwarded to them for response. Stores in areas without a field sales representative will be answered from the home office.

Any updates to our distribution model will be shown on this page, so if you currently do not meet our criteria, please check back occasionally to see if we have broadened our distribution model to include more retail channels.

Thanks again for your interest!

California 714-656-4148

Florida 786 245 5299

New Jersey 201-204-9451

New York 718-577-1394

Seattle 206-455-9989

We only answers phone calls Mon to Friday 8am-5Pm

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Exotic Fruits are Seasonal not available on regular basis. Please place your order for Exotic Fruits ONLY if you have a patience to wait for a perfectly perfect exotic fruit of your choice or call when is available.Your credit card will be charged immediately and fruits will be shipped during peak of the season.