Our Specialty is kid's fruit. Did you know we deliver to schools nationwide?

Thousands of kids will enjoy our fruit for kids produce each week Nationwide, through after school care programs, and Healthy eating programs such as Healthy Fruit Friday. With the generous feedback we receive from teachers and co-coordinators alike, we totally understand what it is that kids like in fruit and what makes the Kids love our Fruit. Our service to the kids is special. We only source in season fruit that is a touch smaller for the children, which for them is perfect hand held fruit. It is all handpicked by our qualified staff, checked for bruising, ripeness, and general quality, and delivered on the day of purchase. Unlike other services we are more than happy to include a variety of in season fruit so the kids can enjoy eating a wide variety of fresh produce, and enjoy the benefits of eating fresh in season fruit.

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Exotic Fruits are Seasonal not available on regular basis. Please place your order for Exotic Fruits ONLY if you have a patience to wait for a perfectly perfect exotic fruit of your choice or call when is available.Your credit card will be charged immediately and fruits will be shipped during peak of the season.