Specialty Fruit clubs bring the juiciest and flavorful natural delicacies of Aprium fruits. Aprium fruits are complex crosses of plums and apricots, requiring several generations of crosses to create a new fruit.

Comprised genetically of plum and apricot, the aprium, like the pluot (also called an I.S. plum or interspecific plum), is derived from another hybrid fruit called a plumcot.

Apriums resemble apricots on the outside. The flesh is usually dense. Apriums are noted for their sweet taste (due in part to their vast content of fructose and other complex sugars) and flavorful mix of aromatic apricots and plums. Apriums are usually only available in the United States during the month of June, but the pluot can be seen in produce sections as far as into the fall season.

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